Single Malt
Whisky 600
14 YEARS - Limited Edition

From roasted barley (malt) and by grinding we obtain a flour. In the stroke tank, this flour is mixed with very hot water, transforming into a sugary, translucent and odorous liquid. After being filtered and cooled, a process known as braceo, it is transferred to the fermenter.

Fermentation is the process during which the yeasts transform sugars into alcohol and CO2, with a powerful boil that lasts between 48 and 72 hours, obtaining a kind of "beer", the "wash", which ranges between 7 and 8 alcoholic degrees.

The double distillation is carried out in copper stills made by a craftsman in the Albaicín neighborhood of Granada, masterfully assembling each piece of the proposed design until the final shape is achieved.
The distillation process lasts two days; In the first one (first distillation), a liquid between 25 and 30 alcoholic degrees is obtained. The next day, in the second distillation (a much more delicate and demanding process) the first liquid obtained called "heads" is discarded and the intermediate product, called "heart" is preserved, discarding the last phase of the distillate where the so-called "tails ”(Higher alcohols) would give a bad taste.

Finally, a pure, transparent and aromatic distillate of about 60 alcoholic degrees is achieved.
The heart is transferred to American oak barrels where it will age a minimum of 14 years. Our barrels come from Jerez where for more than 20 years they housed a Pedro Ximénez that transmitted its aromatic notes to the wood and that now will add all its fragrances to the whiskey that will gradually mature in the cellar.

Once this process is complete, it is reduced with pure water from the melts of Sierra Nevada until the desired alcoholic degree is reached.

Finally and after cooling to -2oC, it has been filtered and bottled.



Rich oaky aroma on the nose with a bit of spice.  Well balanced from front to back with hints of vanilla, honey and spice.  Low heat with a medium plus mouthfeel and silky smooth finish.